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Live Pricing. Not Ball Park Estimates. 24X7

Make Your Website A 24×7 Virtual Sales Engine And Book Sales Well After Your Office Hours With The Help Of Our Self Service Quote Platform

Customize The Platform For Your Company

Personalize The Platform By Setting Your Prices And Availability As Well As Deciding Who Gets To See Quotes And Who Doesn’t

Delivered From Your Website

The MoveEasy Instant Quote Tool Is Custom Branded For You And Embedded On Your Website. Compatible With WordPress, PHP, Wix, And Hundreds Of Other Websites

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

The base platform costs $150 per month. This includes installation, training, usage for unlimited number of users, and the MoveEasy Concierge license. It’s a month to month contract with no cancellation fees.

How does the platform calculate prices?

Pricing is calculated using location and inventory details provided by the client and hourly rates and other pricing rules set by you. You have complete control on all your pricing inputs and you can change them at any time.

Can I set restrictions on who gets online estimates?

Yes. You can set restrictions such that instant online estimates are shown only for a certain mileage and/or a weight limit. For any request outside these restrictions, the customer can still provide inventory details but won’t get a price.

How does the end user access the Instant quote tool?

The quote tool is embedded on your website. Once the customer requests for a quote by filling up your lead form, they are automatically directed to the quote tool page embedded on your site.

Will the user see the MoveEasy logo or domain Name?

No. The user never leaves your website nor do they see any MoveEasy branding. The tool is completely embedded in your website and the entire user experience is seamless.

Is the MoveEasy Concierge truly free with the Instant tool?

Yes. The MoveEasy Concierge is absolutely free for all MoveEasy Instant customers. This tool is embedded on your website as well and any installation cost for the Concierge is waived for Instant customers as well.