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The best moving experiences are powered by MoveEasy

Whether you’re a broker, a mover or a new
homeowner, MoveEasy makes the process
of moving simpler, smarter and better.

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Real Estate Brokers & Agents

A seamless, branded experience. The MoveEasy platform allows brokers and agents to give their customers a truly personalized and pain-free moving experience, backed by powerful technology and a human touch.

Moving Companies

Instant quotes + better leads equal more profits. Our instant quoting tool gives movers a competitive edge by enabling fast, free and detailed quotes, while filtered leads and improved referrals boost efficiency—and the bottom line.

Powerful features to give you a competitive edge

Boost Your Branding

Some companies promise white labeling but merely add a logo. MoveEasy goes much further; our platform looks and feels like your product—the client has no idea it’s a third party service.

White Glove Onboarding

MoveEasy is designed for effortless implementation, while our skilled account management team is happy to handle all of your personalized onboarding and training needs.

Seamless Integration

MoveEasy makes account creation, client engagement and data entry a snap. Our platform offers simple integration with your CRM, transaction and accounting systems and websites.

Innovation With Personalization

Great moving experiences require powerful technology and a human touch. That’s why MoveEasy’s advanced platform includes access to a personal moving concierge.

Why so many leading companies are moving to MoveEasy

03 Mar 2018

“When it comes to moving, most people love the destination, but not the journey. MoveEasy is changing that perception by taking the pain out of the moving process for everyone involved.”

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