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Why Social Media Matters: A Real Estate P.O.V

Written by Abbey Shafer

It’s no new news that Social Media is the marketing tool of the present (& future). Not only is social media a powerful tool for moving companies, but realtors & brokers can utilize social media platforms as key players in their marketing strategy. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn, new home buyers & sellers are constantly connected to the world around them, making it easier now than ever to connect.

The Right Content

Ensuring your content is both visually stimulating as well as educational to what exactly your services offer, and how they stand out from the rest is crucial to make in impact in the digital space. Keep in mind who your demographic is, or who you generally draw the majority of your business from (i.e new starting families, working professionals, etc.). Keeping a relatable, yet professional tone, and staying in touch with local roots of the community you are selling in is an easy way to connect with your clients! Being the go to resource for your clients coming in to a new city is a great way to develop a personal connection, gain repeat business, and stay in touch with your clients in the future.

The Right Tools

Determining which Social Media platform to use follows a similar process to creating your content. First identify your end goal & what you would like to achieve with your content, and then determine which platform supports that message. We have an easy breakdown of each platforms “best at” below.

Facebook: Has the highest number of uses (at 2B+), a great tool to reach the broader audience. Facebook is great for photo & video content, but stands out as well for the ability to post non-visual content with post updates at no character limit. Facebook has also recently introduced “Facebook Stories” which. act as temporary posts that are only shown on your account for a 24 hour window of time, and will not save to your profile.

Twitter: With over a million users, twitter is great for quick news & information, as posts are limited to 280 characters, and should be quick and easy to digest by readers. Photo & video content are also supported on this platform.

Instagram: Great for visually pleasing content, as all posts will save to “The Grid” to give a total view of your brand. Instagram has over a billion users, and is a great tool to help visually brand your business. Copy is supported by adding captions to all photo posts, and Instagram has an “Instagram Story” feature that performs in the same manner as Facebook stories.

LinkedIn: The Facebook of the professional world, LinkedIn offers all of the same features as Facebook (other than stories), but on a more business facing level. LinkedIn content should to the same quality business presentations or other business content would be.


Engaging with your digital community is also a great way to boost your social media marketing reach, and interact with your potential clients! Social media engagement measures the public shares, likes and comments for an online business’ social media efforts. Following along, liking & commenting on content that relates to your business is a sure way to begin networking & start building your business! You should also focus on your own account engagement by creating content that prompts actions like comments, likes, and shares.

You can get a quick & easy read on your engagement level for your social media accounts using an engagement calculator like Phlanx.

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