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Why Feeding Your Movers Matters

If you’re moving to a warm climate or your moving day falls on a July scorcher, remember to take care of your movers. While you may think of movers as brawny, thick-skinned tough guys, the truth is that anyone can get winded after lifting heavy objects in the heat for a few hours. For this reason, it’s often a nice gesture to offer them some refreshments while they’re doing the heavy lifting for you. At the minimum, people often provide their movers some water with ice, although others may offer snacks like chips or fruit along with a cold glass of juice or lemonade. Drinks and snacks are often given in addition to a tip, when the service provided is high quality.

On exceptionally cold days, snacks like cookies and hot chocolate may be a good idea. Some clients who hire multiple movers even treat them with pizza. The bottom line is that anything you can provide to make the elements a little less brutal will be appreciated. Of course, snacks and refreshments are not a required part of the “mover-movee” relationship – just encouraged as an act of hospitality. Generally, it’s a good idea to keep your movers happy, especially given the fact that they may be handling some of your most valuable possessions. Although they should already have incentive enough to handle your things with care, treating movers with respect will often be reflected in the form of better, friendlier service.

Providing your movers with snacks may be especially important when you’re moving to a rural area. If movers do not bring their own food for lunch breaks, they’ll need to travel to a nearby restaurant or convenience store for their meal. In doing so, valuable time may be spent. By offering lunch or snacks, you may actually save time and ensure your move goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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