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When to Add New Hires: 4 Step Checklist

Written by MoveEasy

Decide if Adding New Employees is the Right Choice for Your Moving Company Using the Following Steps:

Step 1:

Budget review, budget review, budget review. Don’t add new hires if the budget to accommodate their additional paychecks isn’t there. Risking thin profit margins and potential losses by adding new employees could be detrimental to your business if it is not ready for this kind of expansion, financially—and no business owner wants that. Make sure there is consistent profit over a timespan of a few years to not only ensure the company’s stability, but a potential employee’s job security as well.

Step 2:

Ask yourself: Does my moving company have consistent business throughout the year? Or are there peaks and lulls?

A situation you don’t want to have to deal with is having a business full of employees with no work for them to do. This affects your business not only financially, but could potentially affect your employees’ morale, which then impacts customer service. Be confident that there is a demand of service.

Step 3:

Okay, so if you’ve made it this far then there’s a demand of service and your budget allows for additional new hires. We’re halfway there! Next, you should consider what kind of employment you’re seeking—full-time, part-time, seasonal? A known peak for moving companies is spring/summer, and if this has proven successful for your company in the past, then it might be a beneficial move (heh?) to onboard a few more employees to continue increasing your opportunities and leads.

Step 4:

So far you’ve reviewed your budget, analyzed your profit patterns and have decided what kind of employment you’re seeking to take on. Now it’s time to talk timelines. If you’re looking to hire to accommodate increased business in your busy seasons, then you’ll need to provide your new hires with a window to learn the ropes. Consider what you believe to be an appropriate training period and then hire accordingly. It will be more beneficial to your company to have a team of prepared employees who are skilled and knowledgable.

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