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What to Do After the Big Move

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You have your keys and moved all of your boxes inside. Now what? Depending on the size of your household and what has been accumulated, it can seem a bit overwhelming to get settled in. How can homeowners begin getting unpacked and sorted out?

Take those initial steps in making a new home your own. Learn more about the priorities and approaches homeowners take after moving into a new home.


The last residents or homeowner may have taken the time to clean the home before moving out. However, there may have been a good deal of foot traffic prior to handing over the keys to the new owner. Previous owners may have had small children or pets leave traces behind in a home and new owners may be sensitive to potential allergens. Take a little time to  superficially clean main areas and perform a deeper clean in areas that will soon be covered with larger pieces of furniture. Disinfect all appliances included in the home, and consider deep cleaning if it looks like they haven’t been replaced in a while.

Make a Plan

Decide what is needed immediately and get to those areas first. Individuals and couples may have different priorities as compared to those with children. This will shape which areas to address first and how quickly to proceed in unpacking a home. Individuals and couples may want to take care of the bathroom and bedroom first and may leave the kitchen for another day. While adults can choose to eat when all is done or order local takeout, it may be more difficult to address meals with young children or those with food intolerances or allergies. In those cases, getting the kitchen set up may be more of a priority. Some highly-organized individuals like to plan out where furniture and household items will go in a new home using a model of the new living spaces but feel free to create a plan on the fly while walking through the home.

Designate one area for unpacking. The living room is often chosen and may be set up last. This area can be used as a place to open boxes, sort through items and collect garbage. A boxcutter, garbage bags and a broom are often useful during this process. Choosing a single area will make it easier when it comes time to cleaning up after unpacking and putting away all household items.

The First Day

Get bedrooms sorted out. Even when it is not possible to set up and put away all bedroom items, take care of setting up the bed. A comfortable bed with a fresh set of linens will be a welcome respite when it is finally time to call it a night.

Start work on the bathroom. After a day of moving, unpacking boxes and cleaning, homeowners are going to want to luxuriate in a hot shower or bath. A hot shower can help ease overworked muscles and make it easier to fall into a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Stock the bathroom with necessary toiletries, towels and hang up a shower curtain to get it ready for use later in the day.

Put away a few things in the kitchen, especially any perishables. Families with small children may want to put away a few pots and pans, pantry essentials and food items to be able to prepare a quick meal when hunger hits.


Move clothing from boxes and into dressers or closets to get settled and have a fresh set of clothes for the next day. Items used during other seasons may be left for later but do take out and put away any clothes that may be needed now. It will be all too soon before the demands of work or school require appropriate clothing and outerwear.

Get Started

All homeowners should realize that some time and effort will be needed to set up a new space. Schedule in enough time to put away all items and make a home comfortable before getting distracted by life’s other demands. 

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