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What to Clean Before You Move In

Written by Abbey Shafer

Your head may automatically go to cleaning your old space prior to moving out, but cleaning prior to moving in is a great way to avoid future work, and make the space begin to feel like your own.


The Bathroom – cleaning the bathroom may seem like a no-brainer, but scrubbing down the shower, toilet and counters prior to settling in will help eliminate mildew, and other unpleasant bathroom odors. Utilizing a mixture of baking soda & hydrogen peroxide is a great way to remove discoloration from a shower/bathtub, and vinegar is a natural cleaner for glass, and multiple other surfaces!


The Kitchen- Taking a Clorox wipe to the inside cabinets is a quick & easy way to make sure every corner of your kitchen is clean prior to bringing in all those new groceries! Wiping down the floor is also recommended prior to placing any furniture or rugs!


The Living Spaces-  Vacuuming the carpet prior to placing furniture, and wiping down baseboards to prevent dust accumulation is a great way to prepare for move in day! Unscrewing vents & washing in the sink with dish soaps another great way to prevent dust.

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