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What New Parents Want in a New Home

New parents looking to move to a new home want more than just an extra bedroom. There are a lot of things that go into consideration when purchasing a house. These are the top things new parents look for when searching for a home to move their family into.

School district
Is the school district satisfactory? What are their current approval ratings, sport teams or board like? Parents want the best for their children and that means an exceptional school district. Often parents move solely to be in a specific school district or closer to their desired school for their children.

Parents will obviously want to ensure that their home is safe. Is it in a sound area? Are the stairs carpeted? Is there a private fence? These may seem minor but could be on the top of their wish list. It may be over their budget to add these extra modifications and should be considered a requirement in their new home.

A lot parents want their children to be able to socialize. Buyers may look at specific neighborhoods that are known to be kid friendly so their kid(s) grows up with playmates.

Location, of course!
Location is important to any homebuyer. For new parents though, they may want to live near rural areas with plenty of options of things to do and places to go. Children can be a handful when it comes to hobbies, babysitters, or places to eat, so having nearby options makes things a lot easier.

The last thing on our parents’ wish list is a quality yard. Similar to having a worthy neighborhood, most parents want their children to have a nice yard to play in. It will likely be where they spend most of their time playing and it should be spacious and safe.

Obviously it will vary among families but parents will want the best for their children and these top 5 must-haves in a new home will definitely sell a parent.

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