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What Are Necessary Fixes Before Selling Your Home?

If you want to sell your home for a worthy price, fixing it up is inevitable. Some things are more necessary than others. We’ve made a list of things we consider vital to update when trying to sell your home but speak with your realtor about other home improvements that could greatly increase the selling price of your property.

Patch holes/cracks
Take care of any holes in the walls or cracks in the ceiling. Also fix cracks in things like tile. If there is a question about basic foundation problems, that will raise a lot of concerns and greatly drive your selling price down.

Repaint walls
Repaint any rooms with bold colors or patterns. Neutral colored walls are easier to match and won’t intimidate potential buyers. Although you may think your color choices are trendy and tasteful, others may not agree. It’s an easy fix and will greatly affect the way buyers view your home.

Clean carpet or replace
Depending on the state of your carpet or floor, you may want to consider getting it replaced. We know it can be bothersome to spend money on new flooring for the new homeowners and not yourself but that’s how the cookie crumbles. Agents can talk down prices for things like dirty, old flooring. Perhaps your flooring is in quality condition, than all it needs is a good cleaning.

Roof repairs
Problems in foundation are the biggest way to lose money when trying to sell a home. Damaged roofs are a pricey fix and also a huge downfall for homebuyers. If your current roof has any serious damage or leaks, you should get it repaired immediately. It risks safety and even health hazards that could eventually lead to unlivable conditions.

Any code violations
Amend any problems that violate things like fire code. You could be living in illegal conditions and buyers with little ones will especially look down upon these drawbacks.

Often times redoing things like an entire kitchen or bathroom are usually unnecessary. The new owners may want to improve these amenities to fit their liking. The basics are the most important. This is of course dependent on your home though and again; speak with your agent if you have questions about specific repairs in your home.

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