We’ve Launched a New Dashboard Design

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MoveEasy is Celebrating a New Year & a New Look

MoveEasy is rolling into the New Year with a fresh, new design complete with additional and modified features to provide users with a smoother experience.

We might have modified a few things on our dashboard design, but our bottom line is still the same. We continue our focus in providing a post-transaction concierge branded specifically for your business, presenting your clients with all the right tools to make their move an easy one.

Take a peak at our new look:

Nice, right? But why the change? We have listened to customer feedback and advice to enhance user experience, continuing to maintain our desire in providing your clients the same high-end experience that your business strives for. By redesigning our dashboard, MoveEasy will continue helping the clients of moving companies, real estate agents and brokerages achieve an enjoyable move for your clients—because a new home should be an exciting experience, not a stressful one.

The reinvented dashboard delivers a smoother user experience. Our dashboard is completely reorganized and even more personalized to a client’s move than before. Tasks are now ordered based on urgency, while additionally providing users with easy access to exceptional deals, informational blogs and quick access to a customized week by week planner on every page.

Additionally, the simpler and more intuitive navigation, ordered by urgency, also allows one click access on mobile and tablets.

Moving Checklist

We now provide a direct line to a living, breathing concierge to help switch over utilities in addition to revamping our online utility experience. We understand that there are still those that prefer speaking human beings rather than relying on the powers of the internet, so we’ve provided the option that requires a simple phone call to switch all utilities.

For others, we’ve kept the option to switch utilities online, as well as providing information on current and future utilities for your client’s budgeting needs.

Moving Consierge

We’re offering more services, continuing to make our mark as the only service that truly takes care of every moving need. MoveEasy assists from start to finish, aiding clients with every task in between. We’ll help find, price and schedule a moving service whether a client prefers moving professionals or renting a truck themselves. But our job doesn’t end there. From updating your address to your driver’s license, our comprehensive dashboard covers it all.

New Driver's License

An enhanced home service vendor experience. Now boasting over 40 different categories of vendors available free of charge to share with your clients, including the ability to be personalized for your company services if you have a company owned mortgage or insurance. We’ve got every category covered, so don’t sweat it if your business doesn’t have current vendors, we have nationwide relationships to help your clients with their home service needs.

Home Professionals

Enjoy greater flexibility. We understand that sometimes deals can fall through and we don’t want your clients to go through the entire process again, so we’ve made it easy on them by only requiring a new move date and address—our system will adjust and take care of the rest.

Additionally, customize our platform to your industry. Are you a moving industry? Have the option to promote your storage provider and boxing company on the dashboard by easily turning off services and adding new ones with a touch of a button.

Ready to experience firsthand the product that Inman News called a “…tool for strengthening customer relationships”? Give us a shout by filling out a contact form to schedule demo.

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