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Updating Your Pet’s License

Having a pet license is an important part of pet ownership. Not only is it the law, but a pet license comes in handy in the event of your pet running away. It’s important that your pet’s tags are on at all times during your move, even if your pet is micro-chipped, in the chance of your pet getting loose. Shelters use these licenses as their point of contact for owners and may have no way of contacting you if they are not wearing their license.

To transfer your pet’s license, simply go to your current county’s licensing department homepage. Every county is different, but you will either need to call and request a transfer or fill out an online request. You may incur a small fee when requesting a transfer. Ensure all information for your new address is updated on any submitted paperwork, as well as any new contact information.

To update your pet’s microchip information, simply log on to the company’s website provided by your pets’ veterinarian and update your address and contact information. Your new license should be sent via mail if approved. Your pets license will likely need to be renewed annually to adhere to county laws.

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