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Top 5 Ways to Use Social Media Marketing as a Real Estate Agent

Increase Real Estate Business with Social Media
Written by MoveEasy

1. Share Tips and Advice

As a real estate agent you don’t only want to showcase your listed properties, but also your professional knowledge. Earn the trust of potential clients by sharing relevant tips and advice on hosting open houses, staging their homes, and real estate market trends.

2.  Be Present on All Platforms

Keep yourself organized with a CRM tool like Hootsuite to keep your presence online consistent. Maintain the appropriate tone on each platform as well. For example, your posts to LinkedIn should be professional, your pictures on Instagram eye-catching, and your Twitter should contain hashtags that are not only relevant to the topic of the tweet, but also contain your geographic information, i.e. #SanFranciscoRealtor

3. Use Images in Your Posts

No matter your relevant hashtags, blocks of text continuously get passed over (especially on Twitter) because they aren’t visually engaging. Studies have shown that visual content earns an engagement increase of 313%, making it vital to include in any social media marketing plan.

4. Use GeoTargeted Ads

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram’s promoted posts are a great way to ensure that your content is seen and increase your leads, which is huge as a real estate agent. It might go without saying, but make sure when investing in promoted posts that you specify a geographic target within your territory.

5. Keep On Brand Even When Posting Listings

A mistake you may make as a real estate agent in your social media marketing plan is switching your tone when advertising listings, treating social media platforms like print ads all of a sudden. A successful social media marketing plan will follow the 80/20 rule: only 20% of your posts are advertisements for your “product” and the other 80% will be helpful, engaging posts for your audience.

When you do describe your listings, however, do it in the same style you have been postings helpful tips and lifestyle posts. By keeping consistent with tone, you remain engaging with your audience and potential clients. For example, ask questions when describing a listing, like “What do you think about this neighborhood?” Or if the home has a specific unique feature ask about that: i.e. “Who else wishes their home had a Jacuzzi bath?”



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