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3 Easy Ways to Sell Your Winter Listing Faster

Written by MoveEasy

Selling Real Estate during the winter can be tough. This time of year presents a variety of challenges, especially if you are located in a region that experiences colder climates and snow falls. Attractive curb appeal is hard to achieve and the attendance at an open house in the winter compared to spring/summer can be dismal, but there are ways to overcome such obstacles.

Understand Your Buyer

Treat every potential buyer as a serious lead during the winter months because if they are facing the cold to trudge from open house to open house, then the odds are they’re looking to buy and most likely being driven by an approaching deadline if they are not holding out until spring when, typically, more houses will be listed and prices become more competitive.

Use Photos From Warmer Months for Your Listing

What’s great about our digital world is that the internet does not follow a seasonal pattern. It can be mid-summer on a house’s online listing even though the current temperature is sub-zero. Highlight your property’s most attractive landscaping and exterior features with the help of spring and summer photos that showcase a home in its best light.

Curb Appeal Is Still a Factor

While you may think your curb appeal is shot to hell without the eye-catching qualities of flowerbeds, a green lawn and sunshine, your home’s curbside appeal still matters during the winter months and loses all chances of impressing winter buyers if snow isn’t removed from walking paths or driveways to ensure maneuverability and lessen the risk of falling. Additionally, make sure the outside is well lit, lining walkways and adding exterior light fixtures if needed. 

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