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Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Bedroom

Written by Abbey Shafer

You spend a third of your day asleep in bed, and who wants to spend that time in a dirty bedroom? With the extra time at home wrap up your spring cleaning with a bedroom deep clean!

The Bedroom

Your bedroom will follow a good amount of the same practices you use when deep cleaning your living room. We again recommend cleaning your bedroom top to bottom to avoid dirtying any item of your bedroom that has already been cleaned. To begin cleaning your bedroom start by decluttering and putting away any laundry or excess items that will get in the way of your cleaning project. Similar to the living room you will want to begin with the walls of your bedroom, and any windows/picture frames etc. that are on your walls. To clean your walls you will need,

  • A mixture of warm soapy water & a rag OR a magic eraser
  • A vacuum with a hose attachment
  • Glass cleaner & paper towel
  • Disinfecting wipes (i.e Clorox, Lysol)
  • Furniture Polish & a rag

Now that you have your supplies you’re ready to go!

  • To Clean Your Walls: Take your warm soapy water mixture, or magic eraser & remove any scratches or dust from the walls.
  • To Clean Your Picture Frames: Spray with glass cleaner and wipe down, then dust the frame itself with furniture polish.
  • To Clean Your Curtains:  Take your vacuum & hose attachment and set to a low setting. Gently vacuum your curtains from top to bottom prior to cleaning your windows. If your curtains are machine washable toss them. in the laundry & steam to avoid wrinkles.
  • To Clean Your Windows: Spray with glass cleaner and wipe down with paper towel. Open the window and use your disinfecting wipe to clean the inside of the window pane.

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Next you will want to move on to your  hard surface furniture including dressers, bookshelves, nightstands, etc. To clean your furniture items you will need,

  • Furniture polish & a rag

Be sure to double confirm the finish on your furniture will not be affected by your furniture polish. If you have any table lamps these can also be polished with furniture polish! Clean & organize the inside of your dresser for an extra level of organization!

  • To Clean Your Furniture: Simply remove items from your surfaces & spray with your furniture polish. Wipe down and repeat as many times as needed.


Next you will want to clean the main fixture of your bedroom, your bed. To clean your bed all you will need is a functioning washer!

  • To Clean Your Bed: Strip your bed of sheets, dusters, comforters/duvet covers, pillowcases etc. Wash all items that are machine washable (double check your care labels prior to doing this). Wash sheets and pillowcases together, and your comforter/duvet separately do avoid overfilling your washer.

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And finally you will want to clean your floors & rugs. Your cleaning materials for your floor will depend on whether you have carpet or a hard surface. For floors & rugs you will need,

  • A vacuum
  • A carpet cleaner
  • A wet sweeper (i.e Swifter Wet Jet) if you have hard surface floors

Now that you your supplies,

  • To Clean Your Floors: Vacuum on a high setting if you have carpet, and a low setting if you have hard floors. If you have hard surfaced floors use your wet sweeper to deep clean. If you have carpet, use your carpet cleaner to wash & condition your carpet to make it look like new.
  • To Clean Your Rugs: Vacuum as you would normal carpet. Look at the cleaning instructions on the tag of your rug to determine if you are able to use your carpet cleaner.

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