Things To Do While You’re Stuck at Home

Written by Abbey Shafer

In light of the recent global pandemic, MoveEasy is here to help you get through the quarantine with a list of things to do while you’re stuck inside!

Information about self-isolating & the Coronavirus can be found here .

  1. Walk the Dog: Although it is advised to not be in crowds, if you are able to maintain your distance from other walkers, this is a great way to get some fresh air.
  2. FaceTime a Friend/Family Member: social distancing doesn’t mean eliminating all social contact, just face to face social contact.
  3. Do a Puzzle: Keep your mind sharp while being stuck inside
  4. Listen to a Podcast: you can find a list of our favorite real estate related podcasts here .
  5. Exercise: There are thousands of options to do this on Youtube, as well as utilize that at home gym equipment.
  6. Get Baking: Try out that new recipe you’re dying to try, or flip through your archived cook books for an oldie but goody.
  7. Journal: Express your emotions in a healthy way by writing them down in a journal.
  8. Movie Marathon: Wanting to get through the Harry Potter series, or Star Wars saga? Nows the time.
  9. Self-Care: Try a face mask, do an at home pedicure, or deep condition your hair.
  10. Practice an Instrument: Brush up on your piano playing, or break out that old instrument form high school.
  11. Organize: Clean out your closet, organize your kitchen junk drawer, etc.
  12. Meditate: Keep your mind at peace and relax.
  13. Do Laundry/Iron: Everyone’s least favorite chore that unfortunately needs to get done.
  14. Read: Whether it’s a novel you’ve been dying to read, or that stack of magazines you haven’t gotten through.
  15. Knit/Crochet: Use the time inside to create something for you or a family member.
  16. Take a Hot Bath: add a glass of wine for a candle for ultimate relaxation.
  17. Sketch Color: Print out a free adult coloring book page, or sketch something of your own creation!
  18. Organize Your Photos: Finally back them up to your laptop so they don’t take up all that storage on your phone.
  19. Play a Board Game: an activity that your whole family will love.
  20. Rearrange: Wanting to move your furniture? Nows the time!



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