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The Importance of the ‘Last Sweep’

Written by MoveEasy

Moving can be overwhelming at times, and it’s easy to forget to do the little necessary things. From getting all your most valuable belongings squared away, to being sure you have all of your important moving documents ready and accessible, it’s easy to understand why the “last sweep” might be the ‘last thing’ on your mind.

The last sweep is the final look-around to make sure nothing gets left behind. Though there may be a moving team there to help you, it’s crucial that you as the home owner takes the final look around.

Important places to check one final time (even after all the boxes are moved out and the papers have been signed) are outlets, cabinets, under beds, inside closets, and basement/attics. These are all common places where things get misplaced and forgotten.

Chargers are one of the most common things we forget when relocating on both a small and large scale. Forgetting your charger can be a huge headache, and can lead to unplanned trips to the store in order to replace them right away (heaven forbid we let our phone or computers run out of battery ever).

Attics and basements are typically seen as storage spaces, and can be an afterthought in the moving process. Items may be left behind or go unnoticed simply because the thought for one last check wasn’t there.

Your whole house/apartment should always receive one final giant sweep, because it’s impossible to anticipate dropping something, or being mildly careless and overlooking a forgotten item. Thankfully, if you put the time towards a quick and easy 5-minute walk around, you just may be able to save yourself one large headache later on.

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