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The Best Real Estate Podcasts

Written by Abbey Shafer

Listen up readers! We are diving into the best podcasts to listen to on that commute home from work, during a workout, or while cooking dinner to help stay in the loop with everything related to home buying!


#1  The Relentless: Century 21: Dr. Julie Gurner : A great macro-view podcast that skips the nitty gritty detail and gets right to the point. Dr. Julie Gurner is quick to give powerful insight into the industry, as well as her pathway to success. New episodes are uploaded monthly, and can be listened to on Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.


#2 Think Realty Radio: With multiple podcasts uploaded a week, it’s easy to stay in touch with host Abhi Golhar and his insightful Q&A’s with real estate investors. Golhar shares his tips & tricks for the business, as well as discusses a wide variety of fun topics with his featured guest.


#3 The Harvard Business Review. Ideacast: Although not real estate focused, the Harvard Business Review focuses on team management, and building a successful business. Whether you’re interested in finance, marketing, or team building this podcast has you covered.

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