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Starting a Career in Real Estate?

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Advice to Real Estate Agents Just Starting Out

So you have your real estate license, you’ve invested in signs and business cards, and your power suit says, “Trust me with your home buying needs”, but it’s been a few months and your paycheck is starting to make you sweat…

There are a few ways to speed up the learning curve and begin seeing your success rate improve. A first step you can take is to find a mentor through your real estate broker that will let you shadow them and take notes. Let them show you the groundwork that you can build off of.

Creating honest relationships will be the most beneficial when it comes to earning referrals. Sales roles have a bit of a reputation of leaving out information, telling half- truths, or even embellishing their product. And we get it. When your income is driven solely on making a sale it’s pretty easy to understand why you’d start being a little slippery with your words, but bad reviews and an untrustworthy reputation will be your downfall in this industry. Showing concern for your clients and even talking them out of a sale that doesn’t fit their wants/needs will earn you their trust as well as a referral when their friends and family members are in the home buying (or selling) market.

These honest relationships are just one way of generating potential future leads. You will need to be actively sourcing leads daily. In addition to establishing these honest relationships, you should be keeping in touch regularly with past clients, current clients, and potential clients weekly or bimonthly. An excellent way to keep in contact is with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that you should utilize from the very start.

To find these leads you’re going to have to hit the pavement because a real estate broker aren’t known for just handing them out. Source potential clients through open houses, your social media presence (make a blog!), and listing websites like Zillow, Trulia and even Craigslist. Don’t underestimate your own sphere of influence either. Friends, family members and neighbors may have a few promising leads for you.

A CRM will help you incredibly when it comes to time management, and this shouldn’t be understated because it is one of the major pitfalls of new realtors. Block time off in your daily schedule for specific tasks so you don’t find yourself wandering in-between more pressing activities like showings and open houses. Schedule time to check your email and voicemails, schedule calls and to source some leads.

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