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Sparefoot’s Story
CEO Chuck Gordon discovered Sparefoot when he struggled to find reasonably priced storage units near his alma mater, UCLA. Instead of continuing the hunt, his friend and now business partner, Mario Feghali, offered his attic to store Chuck’s belongings. This sparked the idea that there must be an easier, more efficient way to search for storage units. Chuck and Mario devised a business plan and took their proposal to Austin, Texas after they graduated in 2009.

In the last 8 years, Sparefoot has expanded their business and is now the largest e-commerce for storage in the United States. They’ve helped thousands of people nationwide including their own employees.Sparefoot is noted for having a spectacular work environment. They’ve been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine for their progressive company culture and highly satisfied staff. Their company’s welcoming atmosphere has directly affected their success and in their own words, “we’re only getting started”.

Why Sparefoot?
That’s easy. They simplify the search process for a storage unit, much like we do for the entire moving process. Studies show that 1 in every 10 households use some type of storing warehouse. That adds up to a lot of wasted time looking for a unit. Sparefoot describes themselves as “the best source for finding and reserving affordable, convenient storage.” Which is hard to argue considering their site spans nationwide from the smallest towns in Montgomery County, Ohio to large cities like Los Angeles. It’s as easy as typing in your desired storeroom zip code and getting a list of potential storage units within a 15-mile radius. From there, users can compare rates and reviews that best suit their needs.
Oh, and did we mention this amazing service is free?

Key Features

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Variety of storage options (self, car, pickup) Pickup or full service means the company picks up, unpacks and returns packages on demand. All the customer must do is pack their belongings.
  • Business contact information
  • Unit sizes
  • Includes list of company amenities
  • Hours accessible
  • Discounted rates

Our Partnership
When user’s login to their Move Easy portal, they are asked detailed questions about their move for us to better understand their specific needs. The combination of our system with Sparefoot’s search engine gives clients a full list of the highest recommended storage units within your specified area. Users have full access to the same key features Sparefoot provides as well as their discounted rates. This completely eliminates the hassle of bouncing back and forth between multiple web browsers. From there, you will select your storage company and unit size through Move Easy’s website. There is no need to directly contact the company. Move Easy automatically reserves the space for you. Our system will mark “reserving storage space” off your moving checklist and help you with the next item listed.

Move Easy and Sparefoot strive to make your moving experience as smooth as possible. Through our combined efforts, clients are able to search and claim storage spaces, as well as other moving tasks in one exact place.
Move Easy’s seamless platform integrates with Sparefoot’s search engine to offer you nationwide coverage for your storing needs. Our users have complete access to Sparefoot’s site through our webpage. Helping us, help you to make your move even more efficient and stress-free

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