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Simple Landscape Design Tips to Increase Your Property Value

Written by MoveEasy

The general rule of thumb when it comes to determining exactly how much to invest in your landscape design is 10% of the property value. Investing in the curb appeal of your home more time than not is rewarded by a significant return, but keep in mind not all markets are the same and some homes may do better than others. Where some may invest $20,000 in landscape design and get a return of $200,000, others might not be as lucky and experts recommend creating a plan that matches the integrity of your home.

Choose Plants That Accommodate All Seasons

Extravagant flowerbeds during springtime blooms won’t help you the rest of the year, so in addition to your perennials and annuals, plant a few shrugs for the fall season and invest in evergreens to make sure your landscape impresses during the winter months as well. A landscape that shines all year round has greater home value.

Plant Trees

If you have a well-landscaped property, but lack trees, planting mature trees can increase your property value significantly. Trees offer privacy, shading and add a visual aspect that flowers alone just can’t achieve.

Edge Your Lawn

Even if you have an impeccable kept lawn, mowed to perfection, edging it helps make your property look more contained and thus less high-maintenance. It’s simple t do too. After mowing, go over the edges near the driveway, fences, garden beds, etc. with a sharpened spade.

Add More Mulch

It will never hurt to add a new layer of mulch to your various flower beds. The fresh mulch will contrast starkly with the plants, allowing them a much more vibrant visibility, catching the eye of homebuyers.

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