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Should You Choose to Live with a Roommate or Alone?

It can be difficult to decide whether you should share a space with a roommate or live alone. Everyone will throw his or her opinion at you about what is the better option. In the end, only you truly know what is best. Consider our list of pros and cons of having a roommate to help you decide the better possibility.

Think convenience
Probably the biggest con when considering a roommate is the convenience of having someone else to share your space with. It means splitting chores, perhaps feeding a pet while the other isn’t home, or having someone readily available to hang out. Of course, this is assuming your roommate is responsible and someone you want to spend time with.
In addition, if you aren’t home a lot it’s nice to have another set of eyes on the place to ensure that utilities are all working properly or security reasons, which leads us to our next pro.

Again, assuming you have chosen a quality roommate, it’s usually a safer option to live with someone else. Being in a building alone can be scary. Criminals are less likely to enter a home they believe someone is currently inside of. Therefore, having someone else to live with can really minimize illegal activity and additionally, a roommate may defend or possibly alert someone if you do end up in dangerous situation.
The obvious reason to live with someone is to split costs. If you are afraid of conflict like paying for certain things, make a list of sharable items and write down who paid for them last. Keep it on the fridge so your roommate can easily access it whenever and eliminate any potential disagreements.

Perhaps, you’re someone that really values your space. That is completely understandable. If you find you are more stressed at the thought of sharing your home than not sharing it, then by all means do not search for a roommate. A lot of people prefer living alone because they don’t want to deal with the possibility of being annoyed with their future roommate.

Our best advice is to go with your gut and do what will make you feel the most comfortable in your home. It’s your home for goodness sake! It should be a space you feel welcomed.

With that said, understand that living with a roommate will never be perfect no matter who you live with. We’re willing to bet you had some disagreements in your family home growing up but you didn’t consider them to be “bad roommates”

because they’re your family! Everyone has their own way of doing things. If you do decide to get a roommate, be flexible.

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