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Recycling Tips for Your Home

Written by Abbey Shafer

Going green in your home is easier than many people think, and recycling is one of the best ways to start! There are a ton of benefits of recycling including,

  • Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills
  • Conserving natural resources like timber, and water
  • Preventing pollution
  • Saving energy

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You can check out more great recycling information at the United States EPA website. So grab your recycling bin to get started with our quick and easy list of helpful recycling tips.

1. Consider Investing in a Dual Purpose Trashcan: This can be used to separate true waste v. recyclable material (plus it beats having to walk to your garage every time!). You can find a great selection of dual use trashcans here.

2. Do Not Recycle Your Plastic Bags at Home: A large misconception is that plastic grocery bags are able to be recycled at home. To your plastic bags check out your local grocery store for a plastic bag drop off! You can locate your closest drop off location here. Keep in mind this can include dry cleaner bags, bread bags, etc.

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3. Know the Materials That Can Be Recycled Curbside: One of the largest errors people make when recycling is ‘wish cycling’ or running a bing or recyclables with items that cannot be recycled. Below is a lift of what can be recycling curbside,

  • Paper & Cardboard: Including boxes, books, posters/flyers, etc. Cardboard boxes are recyclable as long as they are not over-saturated with food (i.e grease from a pizza box). Keep in mind toilet paper/paper towel tubes can also be recycled!
  • Plastic: Check for a code/number on your plastic item and it is likely good to be recycled! You can check out what plastic items can and cannot be recycled in detail here.
  • Aluminum: Including soda cans, foil, soup and vegetable cans, etc.
  • Glass: When not shattered

4. Clean it Out: If you re recycling a bottle, plastic container, soda can, etc. that once contained a food or beverage rinse it out as food waste can contaminate recycling loads.

5. Remember, All Plastic Bottles Can Be Recycled: This includes soda bottles, condiment/dressing bottles, shampoo bottles, cleaning supply bottles etc. Don’t just limit recycling to your kitchen!

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6. Flatten Your Cardboard: This way you can fit more in your recycling bin.

7. Don’t Forget Your Mailbox: Do you receive a lot of junk mail, coupons or magazines and catalogs? All of these items are recyclable since they are made from paper!

8. Go Reusable: When you can, shop reusable items such as a reusable water bottles, a bamboo toothbrush, a reusable grocery bag, or a reusable straw to eliminate your waste at home.

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9. The Credit Card Rule: Try not to recycle anything smaller than a credit card, as these can jam the machines used to sort through items.

10. Keep Things Loose: Never bag your recycled items in your bin or can unless otherwise instructed by your community!





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