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Purchase New Furniture or Furnishings

Have you measured your new space yet to see if your current furniture will fit properly? Does it match the motif of your new home? Are you a first-time mover and need furniture in general? We have tips when it comes to purchasing and redesigning your furniture to fit into your new home.

Consider redesigning
Perhaps your current furniture fits in your new space but doesn’t match. That’s generally an easy fix. Most wood pieces can be sanded and repainted. Look up couch covers or fabrics to hide the current cushions. You don’t necessarily need to buy entirely new pieces to get the look you want.

For help to redesign look at websites like Pinterest that have step-to guides or ask your local hardware store for advice.

Thrift shopping and reusing are considered to be trendy now. It’s a great way to save money and even help the environment some. Check out garage sales in your area, Facebook’s Marketplace feature or thrift stores. You can often find pieces in great condition or once again redesign them to fit your home adequately.

Shop of course!
The obvious thing to do is to shop for new furniture. Large furniture stores like Ikea or World Market are great options. But also consider places like Target or Wal-Mart where you wouldn’t necessarily go to for furniture but may find some awesome, cost efficient furniture.

Don’t be afraid to shop online as well. The most important aspect when purchasing furniture is size. If the measurements are correct, they’ll more than likely be just fine. Sites like, Amazon, ship furniture for cheap. Most places that do ship furniture take extra caution when packaging their pieces and will gladly ship pieces that were damaged in the process or take back things that just didn’t quite work out.

The most important things when deciding on new pieces of furniture are looks and measurements. As long as they fit the space and your style, they will make a great addition in your new home!

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