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Preparing Your Pooch for a Move

Written by Abbey Shafer

Moving with your furry child can be a bit overwhelming and come with a lot of uncertainty from your pup. Luckily, there are multiple ways to put your dogs mind at ease, and help make the adjustment to a new home a bit easier!

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Before the Big Move

There will likely be a lot going on in your home prior to the move. Between house showings and home inspections your home will most likely need to be empty for large chunks of time. If you can avoid time sitting in the kennel or crate that will help your pooch adjust during this stressful period. If you need to have the house vacated for a long period of time we suggest,

  • Head to the Dog Park: Let your pup release some energy, and get some fresh air at the dog park! This is a great way to get out of the house, and tucker your furry friend out.
  • Schedule a Grooming Appointment: This is a great time to schedule any appointments your dog needs prior to the move, and will help kill some time!
  • Go For a Walk: Take a stroll around the neighborhood, or drive somewhere for a hike with your pooch.
  • Take Advantage of Doggy Daycare: This is sure to wear your dog out and also allows for some great social interaction!

We also recommend keeping your dog on their schedule as much as possible.  Make sure meal times are happening at the same time every day, and crate time/bed time is consistent. If you are able to enter your new home before the move in day, take your pup on their leash and give them a full tour so they can begin getting comfortable with their new space, and take in all the new sniffs!

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During the Move

Like you, your dog will likely feel some anxiety moving from point A to point B. If you are taking a long car ride to your new destination be sure to give your pooch their own designated space. We recommend a traveling doggy car seat to keep your pup safe, and comfortable during your journey. You can find some great options here. Invest in a new treat or toy for them during the car ride to keep them entertained, and be sure to stop for bathroom breaks as needed.

Be sure to update your pets ID prior to your move and attach it during your journey with your updated address & contact information. You can find a full guide on updating your pets ID here.

If you can, have their favorite bed or toy in the home waiting for your arrival so it can begin to feel like home!

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Getting Adjusted After the Move

When you arrive there are two ways you can go about getting your pup adjusted,

1. Treat Them Like a Puppy: Keep them contained in one room at a time and let them get acclimated. If your dog has destructive tendencies like chewing or accidents inside this may be your best option!

2. Free Roam: Allow your dog to have free roam of your new place to explore at their own time & pace.

Don’t be surprised if your dog has an accident inside the first day. This is often times their way of marking their new territory! Find as safe spot for their bed or crate that can stay consistent so they can begin to get acclimated!




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