Moving Tips

Pack Your Suitcases

Obviously when you’re preparing for a move, the biggest thing is to pack all of your belongings. But, don’t forget to pack supplies you will need for your family and yourself while you move. How many days you pack for is dependent of your move, but pack for at least one extra day in the case of an emergency or delay.

Pack comfortable clothes you are able to move around in. Gym shoes for all the lifting and walking you will be doing. Also, pack clothes that are easy to layer and accommodating to the weather.

Hygiene products
Get together all of your hygiene products you need like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, etc. Also, if you have certain appliances that you use daily like a blow dryer.

Pack any subscriptions or vitamins you need as well as some type of painkiller. Some people get headaches or joint pains from moving and it’s best to be prepared if this does occur. Also pack bandages in case you get scratched or banged up during the move.

Food & water
More than likely, you will not be doing a lot of cooking for your move. Prepare food and snacks that are easy to store that you can munch on easily. Pack any appliances you would like to have on hand, for example a coffee maker. Make sure you have plenty of water on hand.
*Be mindful of packing extras if you have hired professional movers especially if there are harsh weather conditions

If you have children, consider packing toys or games to distract them during the move and whatever else you may feel is necessary. Do your best to keep your bags small because you will want as much space in your car and new home as possible to move around easier. We hope this list helps you better prepare for your move!

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