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Organize School Records

Moving with kids can be tough. Not only is it emotional straining on them, but it’s also a lot of work preparing them for a new school district. Make a list of all the required documents you need to obtain before transferring schools. It may be difficult to obtain transcripts if your child is in session, but do your best to prepare all the other documents at least a month before your move-in date.

Contact information
Print out a list of the schools your child has attended with phone numbers and addresses. There should be separate lists if you have more than one child in the school system.

State test scores
Collect copies from the school with any state test scores your child has completed.

Transcripts/Grade reports
As stated above, this one you may want to wait on until closer to move-in date. You can obtain a current transcript and then a second transcript after the semester is complete.

Any awards, academic or athletic, your child has received could be beneficial for future administrators or coaches.

Recommendation letters
This is especially helpful for children that are older and may be applying to college or jobs soon. It will be much easier to get recommendation letters from teachers while you’re still in the school district.

Also, get recommendation letters from previous employers that could help when applying to future schools, scholarships or other jobs.

Samples of work
If your child has samples of work you feel are strong and worthy of being recognized, then definitely make copies and share with their future district. Private institutions, skilled schools, or colleges may require portfolios.

Legally schools must share any documents you wish to have for your child and more than likely will be very accommodating. In some instances, they may have fax or email documents directly to the new school for you.

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