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Moving with Your Car

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When planning a move, the most natural response is to begin worrying about packing all of your in-house belongings. But what about your vehicle?  Unless you are moving to a city or some area with public transportation, you are most likely going to need your car.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of options you have to consider when planning to move your vehicle:

Keep or sell?

Before you make the decision to bring your old car to your new home, check up on whether or not it meets all of the emission standards if you are moving to a new state. If there is any doubt that your car does not meet all of the standards and may not pass, it might be best to sell your car and buy a new one after you move. The DMV office finder is a good place to start into that research.

In addition, check your car insurance policy and make sure none of your policies change if you move. This can happen if you are moving to areas that experience extreme weather or have rough terrain that your car might not necessarily be fit to handle.

Ship it

Open or closed trucks are both an option. However, closed trucks tend to cost almost 60% more than open. If you have the financial means and would feel more comfortable with a closed truck, then that is absolutely something to look in to. However, if you are on a budget, look into a company with open-truck options. With this, read all of the fine print to make sure their insurance policies align with what you are looking for. For example, make sure they are required to take responsibility for any damages acquired during shipping, regardless of if the accident is their fault.

Find a company registered with the Better Business Bureau , referred to as the BBB, to ensure it is a legitimate and well-trusted company.

Once you have picked a company, make sure you comply with all of the regulations they require, such as weight limits. Although you are going to want to pack up your car to fit those extra boxes in the move, there are often strict weight limits that are set in place to ensure the safety of your vehicle and the others being transported.

Driving it to and picking it up from the shipping terminal is a great way to save a little extra money if you decide to ship your car. This saves you the cost of the auto movers having to come pick it up from your house or having to go the extra distance of dropping it off at your new location.

Drive it Yourself

If you are moving a short distance, this is probably going to be your best course of action. Having the ability to pack your most important or most fragile possessions along with you in your car will give you a sense of security that you might not have if they are packed away in a box in a moving truck leaving you unsure of their whereabouts.

If you are moving a long distance and are up for the challenge, turn the move into a road trip of sorts. Pack up your car and hit the road! If you don’t already have one, try to find a driving buddy to help with navigation, or to take driving shifts if you’re moving a long distance (and to keep you company of course). It also never hurts to have someone playing ‘DJ’ to keep the drive entertaining!

Driving services

There are services, although pricey, where you can hire professional drivers to drive your car from A to B. These companies often let you pack up your car, and most allow you to ride along if you really want to. You should definitely do background research on the BBB to check the reputations of these companies as well.


When making this decision, it all comes down to your budget, time-frame and your preference. Do your research and plan ahead so your move is seamless and stress free.  Keep checking back for more tips and tricks to get you all situated for you move!

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