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Today’s consumers want instant gratification for everything. There’s no science behind it, that’s just a fact. There is a certain guarantee attached with the click of a button or tap of a finger that items can be brought right to our front doors, creating a high demand for quick turnaround in every single process and purchase. Across the board, countless industries have begun to implement instant quotes. Among the many companies utilizing them, some of the most popular among them include Uber and Kayak. Not only is the speed desired but the need to see or even talk to another human being in the process is diminishing rapidly.

The perception that companies without a quote tool are less credible is growing quickly. Though this oftentimes may not be true, the value of that brand may be perceived as less because they have that outdated factor of lacking the technology and the quickness of those using an instant quote tool. Take Uber for instance – a taxi driver that only takes cash because their card reader may be down (or they don’t use them at all) in comparison to the Uber service which does everything on an app with the touch of a button. Although the taxi may be reliable, the Uber service immediately has more credit because of the quick convenience and accuracy of being able to accept and utilize the instant quote.

However, moving is significantly more complex than an airline seat or a cab ride, so there are several things to consider when catering to this generation while ensuring you are giving accurate and honest information without misleading the consumer:

Comprehensive yet Simple:

You want to be sure your quote tool is collecting all relevant information. Ensure that your system collects all inventory details through the tool so that you can provide the most accurate information when delivering the quote and following up with a call to the customer. You also want to be sure your tool collects accurate location information such as the amount of flights of stairs in the unit, the parking restrictions, and any other factor that may affect the moving process.  Most importantly, you want to be sure the tool does all of this in a manner where the customer does not feel overwhelmed. The whole instant quote goal is to make the process seamless, smooth and stress free.

Visually Engaging:

Ever hear the term a picture is worth 1,000 words? Well good, because millennials are going to flash their eyes across your page for about a split second. If their attention is not immediately grabbed, you can bet they’re going to move on pretty quickly.

Replace text with images wherever you can that makes sense, and try to utilize short forms of progression rather than very long forms. Imagine a lengthy and wordy tax form you have to read through to understand versus a step by step experience of Turbo Tax with a quick snapshot visual for each step- Snapshot visuals warrant far less confusion and keep hold of the viewer’s attention

Instead of describing every single aspect of what your business offers, try showing them with a creative icon. Using an aesthetic image or icon to communicate your brand clearly or in a clever way will help you immensely, and will be a far more attention-grabbing first look than any amount of words.

Intelligent and Flexible:

A major point of the system is flexibility. Not every move can get an instant quote due to certain limitations, and that’s okay. Don’t ask for every single bit of information from your customer, think about the incremental benefits of the tool.  Things that can automatically be calculated based on already provided information should be done without needing to ask for it. They are far less likely to turn away if you only ask for what you need and let the instant quote tool calculate the rest. In this situation, messaging is key; where information is not available, ask through a friendly yet professional message.

Utilizing an instant quote tool helps a business automatically gain credibility and the assumption of reliability from their customers. Staying competitive in today’s fast-past technological business schema can be achieved by implementing an instant quote tool, such as the MoveEasy platform, on your site to ensure accurate and affective instant quotes.


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