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Moving Boxes: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Abbey Shafer

Packing up & moving your belongings is one of the most dreaded parts of moving. However, if you are able to pack in a well organized way it will make moving & unpacking feel much less painful. Here we’ll take you through some tips on how to organize your moving boxes to make your move as easy as possible!

How to Pack for a Move (Without Going Crazy)

Use New Boxes

If you can, order some new boxes online, or pick some up at your local hardware store. New boxes are far less prone to breaking mid-move, thus preventing unwanted clean up and repacking.

Gather Up all of Your Materials

We suggest the below list of packaging materials for your move,

  • New boxes (we suggest varying in size here including closet boxes)
  • Packing Tape (this is easies with a tape gun, multiple colors are also helpful here!)
  • Labels (you can find pre-printed labels here)
  • Wrapping/packing material like bubble wrap or packing peanuts
  • Scissors
  • Trash bags/garment bags
  • Box Dividers
  • Rubber bands

Moving and Packing Supplies | StorageMart

Start by Sorting

Begin by sorting the items in each room you need to pack. We recommend organizing boxes by room of your home for ease of unpacking. Group items of a similar size, weight, and height into the same box, and be sure to utilize smaller boxes for smaller items. You may come across certain situations while packing including,

1. Packing Breakable Items: Utilize your box divider and wrap each breakable item individually  in bubble wrap. If your breakable item has multiple parts (i.e a jar with a lid) wrap both items separately. Place each breakable item in its own designated compartment in the box divider.

Box Inserts and Dividers - Sarcina Packaging

2. Moving Your Closet: To move your closet you will want a specific wardrobe moving box that can accommodate hangers. In your closet, group 5-8 hangers together and wrap with a rubber band. Take this grouping and cover with a garbage bag, or garment bag. Then you are good to go to hang in the wardrobe box! Repeat these steps until your entire closet is done.

10 Packing Hacks for a Hassle-Free Move | Public Storage Blog


Labeling & Closing Moving Boxes

If you do not have remade labels, grab your blank ones and a permanent market to label each box by room. We recommend color coordinating your label/tape for an even easier way to know where your boxes belong. After filling & labeling your box, close the flaps and tape closed in a cross pattern to avoid your box coming open mid-move. Consider making a check list for every item in each box, and numbering your boxes for an easy inventory guide during your move.

Stacking Your Moving Boxes

Be sure to stack your boxes, heaviest to lightest to avoid heavy objects crushing your lighter boxes, or for your stack to fall over! Try utilizing an empty space in your hoe to stack & organize your boxes prior to the move so they aren’t in the way of future packing projects, or moving your furniture.


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