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MoveEasy’s Guide to Moving with Little Ones

Written by Abbey Shafer

Moving with kids can be a stressful, but exciting experience for you and your family! It’s important to keep little ones entertained and engaged throughout the move and allow them to be a part of the moving experience. This will not only make the experience easier for them, but for the entire family.

Keep Things Fun!

Moving boxes are great tools to keep children entertained. All you need is a package of markers & stickers and that boring moving box becomes a canvas for your child to color! This also makes it easier for you to know what boxes belong in your child’s room!

Declutter the Right Way

One pain point of moving is forgoing toys that are no longer played with, or clothes that no longer fit. Make this an interactive experience with your child by allowing them to choose what to get rid of and having them donate to a local charity/hospital to see their generosity pay it forward!

Stick to a Routine

Stay consistent with nap time, mealtime and play time to ensure your child still has a sense of normalcy during the move. Use mealtime as a fun way to bond as a family with a favorite carry out meal, or pizza night!

Say Goodbye

Moving can be an emotional experience for a child, especially when moving out of state. Allow your children to “see you later” to friends or family in the area and have a final walk through & farewell of your home. They will cherish the memories of their home, and the memories made there!

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