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MoveEasy Offers A Live Pricing Tool So Moving Companies Don’t Have To Build Their Own

Written by MoveEasy

MoveEasy’s Live Estimate platform helps moving companies’ customers get instant quotes from their website.

Trying to provide accurate estimates to your customers on your website without knowing how? Tired of using less than optimal quoting tools that just offer high-level estimates? Well your wait is over.

MoveEasy is revolutionizing the moving industry and automating the way customers get moving quotes. Gone are the days of numerous phone calls to connect with the customer followed by giving them high-level estimates, only to realize on moving day that they have much more stuff than they told you. With MoveEasy Instant, customers are able to provide all of their move information accurately and receive an instant quote directly from your website. Similar to the TurboTax software, the customer receives a step by step walkthrough to provide a detailed list of their inventory and location details and gets an accurate price.

The MoveEasy Instant live pricing tool offers incredible and unparalleled features for moving companies to utilize, which include:

  • Live Local Pricing, not just a ball park estimate – Our algorithm balances complexity of the moving process with accurate quoting. The platform calculates the move price based on accurate inventory details, customers’ location information, the services they choose as well as the pricing rules set by you. Similar to, customers are offered the ability to see a variety of pricing and availability options for different dates. Prices may differ depending on the dates and locations, allowing flexibility with your customer’s scheduling and budget.


  • Visually engaging cube sheet – research shows that people process visuals 66,000 times faster than text, which is why our easy to navigate and visually aesthetic cube sheet makes selecting moving items a breeze. Consumers can easily search for items, add custom items, as well as provide detailed location information such as stairs, parking distance and accessibility within minutes to generate a quote. Moving companies also have the option of choosing between room by room and category cube sheet formats.


  • You control your website and your branding – the MoveEasy platform is completely branded and embedded on your website. Your client will not be able to tell that this is a third party service, with it being completely white-labeled; thus elevating your brand image in their eyes.

Not only are these features incredibly helpful, but the platform brings many benefits to the moving companies that use it; including engaging the user on your website and giving them what they need even if you are not around, saving time so that your sales team can spend more time on relationship building rather than inputting inventory details. You will ultimately have enhanced your brand experience as a result.

MoveEasy has already been powering the ball-park estimate feature on for almost two years and now has the MoveEasy Instant driving tool live with a national client and several local moving companies’ websites, giving instant quotes to their customers and a better over-all moving experience.


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