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Make Unpacking After a Move More Enjoyable

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We can all relate to the feeling of seeing stacks of unpacked boxes after a mentally and physically exhausting move to a new home or office. Though unpacking doesn’t have to be miserable, the enthusiasm is often diminished after a long day of moving. Given some simple tips and tricks, however, one can turn the traditionally unpleasant activity into an easy process. Here are five things that can make it worth your time and effort.

Organize Boxes By Room

The stress level of unpacking your boxes is highly dependent on the method you used to pack the items in the first place. You should start by boxing everything in your home based on the room it belongs in and labeling it accordingly. For instance, kitchen utensils and supplies should all be in the same boxes and not thrown in with random bathroom cleaning supplies. Label all of these boxes “kitchen” to help movers know where to place them. This way, you can easily sort through the boxes and place them where designated upon arrival at your new place. To make it even easier, make your labels more specific in case you need to access a particular item before it’s unpacked.

Get Help From Others

Turn the laborious activity of unpacking into a social one by asking friends to help you unpack your boxes. Chatting and enjoying a glass of wine while unpacking can make the process more enjoyable and maybe even make the time pass faster. Not only will enlisting the help of friends make unpacking more pleasant, it will also cut the work in half.

Have Food Ready

Moving is physically exhausting- replenish the energy you’ve burned by stocking up on food before you start unpacking. It’s fairly easy and convenient to find restaurants in a new area thanks to technology, and it gives you the opportunity to try new places. Look for budget-friendly restaurants and delis that can keep you full until your new kitchen is ready to be used. Food is also a good way to thank any friends you have helping- nothing says “thank you” like a big pizza to share!

Turn on Some Music

Your favorite music can make anything more enjoyable. Mixing it up by playing blasts from the past and current hits makes any unpacking party infinitely more fun. Before your move, create long playlists of all your favorite songs and pack speakers separately so you can easily access them when you start unpacking and proceed to jam out.

Unpacking doesn’t have to be a punishment- it marks the starting point of a new life ahead of you and your family. With the five tips above, the time you spend unpacking your boxes will fly by!

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