Moving Tips

Make a List of Organizations to Notify

Moving requires a lot of communication between many parties. You need to make a lot of people aware about your move and new address. The best method to guarantee you’ve notified everyone properly is to start by making a list.

Who should you tell?

  • Employer
  • Property manager (If you have one)
  • Government
  • Insurance companies
  • Health providers (dentist, doctor, etc.)
  • Associations you belong to
  • Subscriptions

How to notify
How you notify these organizations varies. In most cases you should give them a physical copy of your change of address. In other cases, like some doctor offices, going in or calling them about your change works just as well. Our advice is to give a written statement to any organization that may cause you legal trouble for not notifying them properly.

Provide your new address
When you inform these people or companies, most of them will need a replacement address immediately. Make sure you have an address to give them, which you can be contacted by.

Don’t be afraid to follow up with organizations to ensure they received your address change. If you aren’t receiving mail or being contacted as you expected, reach out to them and check. Be transparent about your move and let these organizations know by an adequate amount of time.

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