Moving Tips

Make a List of Key Documents

If you don’t already have your important paperwork in one spot, it is time to organize! These are essential documents you and your family must always have.

Find your documents
First make a list of what you need to locate. For example: birth certificates, marriage license, cell phone contracts, bank statements, health insurance policies, etc. Look in medicine cabinets, folders, cubbies, where you think you may have placed them in the past by accident.

Invest in a filing system
However you want to organize your documents is entirely up to you. Something that is lightweight and won’t cause a lot of hassle during the move is advised. Be aware that a computer isn’t always the safest place to keep important paperwork filed. Not only is it risky for privacy reasons but you also have a greater chance of losing such documents. Do in fact feel free to keep copies saved on your computer.

We suggest categorizing your documents by: personal, financial, health, auto, home, electronic, utilities. Although, you should organize in a way that best suits you. Consider color-coding different family members’ files to make searching in the future easier.

Now the “key” to keeping your “key” documents organized is to continue to maintain them. Keep them safe during the move and take the extra time to put a file back in its correct spot when you’re done using it. Not only will it eliminate a lot of stress doing your move but for future occurrences as well.

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