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List of Things You Should Get Rid of in Your Home

The terms “collecting” and “hoarding” are slowly becoming ambiguous with how much unnecessary clutter we keep in our homes. If you are about to move, want to have a garage sale, or simply have just had enough of living in a mess, read our list of things to get rid of in your home.

  1. Tupperware with no matching lids or containers
  2. Pens/markers with no ink
  3. Cords for electronics you no longer use
  4. Old electronics (ex. stereo, vhs player, cassette player)
  5. VHS or cassette tapes, CD’s
  6. Old earbuds
  7. Old craft supplies
  8. Clothing/accessories you no longer wear or are tarnished
  9. Dirty phone cases
  10. Socks with no match
  11. Old makeup past its expiration or no longer use
  12. Duplicate kitchen utensils
  13. Worn towels
  14. Worn linens
  15. Expired prescriptions
  16. Useless paper (ex. manuals, takeout menus, receipts, newspapers, magazines)
  17. The drawer filled with plastic utensils, chopsticks and condiment packets you always forget about
  18. Wax-less candles
  19. Outdated holiday decorations
  20. Useless alarm clocks
  21. Unloved pet toys
  22. Batteries that don’t pair with any electronics
  23. Half used notebooks, notepads or coloring books
  24. Excess chip clips
  25. Business cards you’ll never use
  26. Instruments (ex. middle school plastic recorders, harmonica)
  27. Worn sports equipment
  28. Phonebooks
  29. Books you’ll never read
  30. Mugs or cups that are never used
  31. Old Christmas cards, wedding or graduation invitations

If you come across anything while de-cluttering that makes you say “Oh! I forgot about this!” or are covered in dust, consider getting rid of it. You obviously have gotten along fine without them.

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