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Items You Should Always Move Yourself

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No matter how good a moving company is and how great their reviews are there will be items that you should never considering letting others handle.


These items are no doubt sentimental and irreplaceable that have been safely kept in your family and should continue to be kept safe during your move. Risking their damage or even losing possession of them due to loss or theft just isn’t worth it.


These items may not have been passed through generations, but they still may be irreplaceable and have a very high price tag associated with them. Your ability to move these items yourself does rely on the available space you have and its size. If it’s a large antique wardrobe you’re looking to relocate, then that’s a different story and you might want to look into a professional moving service that specializes in antique items. Or you will need to know how to pack these items yourself to ensure their safety. An antique music box or something within that size range or smaller, though, are items you can easily handle moving yourself with fewer required precautions than a wardrobe.


Paintings, among other creations, can be incredibly climate-sensitive. Keep them with you where they will be in a controlled environment and won’t risk damage.


With traveling any distance it is always advised to keep your jewelry with you and moving is no different. Anything with a pretty price tag should be handled only by yourself to reduce the risk of theft or loss.

Important Documents

Nothing will make you more regretful than losing birth certificates, moving documents or social security cards. To save yourself a major future headache we recommend that you keep them in a waterproof sleeve and always keep them near you during a move.


Fragile electronics such as a laptop, camera and even gaming consoles shouldn’t be moved by a hired company for not only risk of damage, but to reduce the temptation of theft. These electronics’ associated gadgets like headsets, controllers and games should also be on your list of items to move personally as well since they are popular items to be reported as stolen.

Collectors Items

Whether is a valuable collection or just trinkets you’ve enjoyed collecting throughout the years, it isn’t exactly something you are able to replace. Handle such items on your own.

Priceless items

These are things you will not be able to replace. These items may include non-digital family photos/portraits, baby blankets, a child’s most cherished stuffed animal or the family pet (no moving company worth their salt will offer pet moving services unless it happens to be a specialized pet relocation service).


If left to the mercy of a moving van, your plants will die. They will not receive the kind of environment they will need in a dark, hot moving van to stay alive. Keep them with you and out of a box.

Moving Kit

And any other kit you can think of, like a first-aid kit because accidents happen and you should be prepared, especially during a cross-country move. When packing your moving kit, take into account weather forecasts and current conditions. This kit should follow along the lines of a weekend away suitcase because it should have everything you will need on your first night in your new home when you’re inevitably too tired to unpack. Don’t forget pillows and sheets!

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