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Items You REALLY Should Get Professionals For

After purchasing a new home, most people want to find anyway possible to cut costs for the big day. It’s easy to assume you can do all the heavy lifting yourself with the help of some friends and a moving truck. Unfortunately, there are some items you really should reconsider getting professionals to move for you. Not only for the safety of your valuables but for your wellbeing as well.

How many times have you seen in cartoons someone moving a piano and they end up dropping it and smashing it to pieces? Well that’s an avoidable scenario with the help of professionals. Pianos are really tricky objects to move. They’re seen as a staple piece in most homes and you want to avoid getting any scratches on it. Not only that, but their strings and keys can become easily out of tuned after a move. Heat and humidity in the air could also damage the interior of a piano. Professional movers know how to prevent any permanent harm done to such a treasured piece. More than likely you will still need someone to tune the piano after your move, but at least you won’t need a wood chipper.

Canvases are more flimsy than people assume. Especially art pieces that were made a long time ago. Light and moisture affect any type of paint, ink, or charcoal over a period of time and will make the artwork even more fragile. Assuming that anyone with a real art piece in their home is a fanatic and knows this already, but oil canvases have the potential of being wet years after they’re painted. This means they are prone to smudging during a move.

If your artwork is framed, it runs the risk of the glass breaking thus damaging the work by tearing or scratching the piece. Expert movers will know the proper way to wrap and store pieces to prevent this from happening.

Perhaps you are venturing several states away and plan on moving your vehicle in a moving truck across country. If a moving company allows you to do this independently, it would be wise to spend the extra money to have a professional once again move this for you. Driving large moving or semi trucks is much harder than people assume. They have more blind spots and require different gears.

Not to mention the loading and unloading process of your car is even trickier. You need to ensure that your car is locked into place within the truck. Also, be careful not to bang it up at all while squeezing it into such a tight spot.

Large furniture
Experts should handle any type of large furniture you are moving across several staircases or struggle to lift between two people. It would be extremely unfortunate to hurt your back or fall down the stairs and cause permanent damage.

Glass tables run the risk of breaking and you could potentially get a nasty cut and receive stiches, simply because you didn’t want to take the time to invest in some help.

We understand a move is stressful enough and taking the time to research and pay for movers doesn’t help. Just understand that you could be saving yourself a lot of trouble in the long run by booking professional movers in the beginning.

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