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Introducing the MoveEasy App

Written by Abbey Shafer

Yes, you read that correctly. Moving just got even easier here at MoveEasy. You can now manage all of your home management tasks in one easy to navigate dashboard, making your move a breeze.



For Agents

Our branded experience with a white label feel puts us above the rest for all of your clients needs. Our state of the art moving concierge service is now at the touch of a button, complete with vendor and utility recommendations to make that home set up process easier than ever. We stand apart by allowing agents to create a personalized recommendation based on their location and network v. attempting to build our own. After all, who knows the area better than you, the agent.

“We’re not trying to build our own network of providers, we’re giving
agents a delivery vehicle for their network.” – Venkatesh Ganapathy (CEO)

We’re here to help make moving feel personal during these impersonal times for you, and your client.


For Movers 

Our main goal for you? Spending as little time prepping for your home as possible, so you can go back to doing the things you love. Homeownership is lifetime decision, and we’re to help you every step of the way. No need to have a to do list handy, the MoveEasy app features reminders to keep you on track every time with the help of your designated agent. We like to keep things personal, and allow your agent to help guide your moving experience from start to finish, from finding that perfect cable company, to getting your utilities up and running. With the MoveEasy app there are no phone calls required, as you can send messages and photos directly through the app. We know what you’re thinking “can this get any easier?”, and the answer is yes! Utilize your Alexa at home to connect with the MoveEasy app and you won’t even need to touch your phone.


What are you waiting for? Download the MoveEasy app now and get started!

Currently available in the App Store.


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Abbey Shafer

Abbey Kebe is a marketing coordinator here at MoveEasy, who helps spread the word about MoveEasy's best in class moving concierges!

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