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Innovative Ways Moving Companies Can Improve Their Website

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In any given city, there might be a dozen or more moving companies vying for customer attention. Being seen as a reliable mover in a sea of possibilities isn’t as difficult as it used to be, however. With the advent of the internet, moving companies can now use their websites as key tools to secure those precious customer appointments. Before you remodel that website for the 21st century, consider some of the innovative ways that you can improve your company’s image through the computer screen.

Integrate Geographical Information

If you don’t have the funds to update your website with a professional’s guidance, you can still perform simple changes. One innovative strategy is by adding geographical information. Websites that contain geographical information (address, phone number, etc.) have a better chance of being featured on page one of the SERPs. Search engines utilize local information to match search intent, therefore you will have a greater chance of showing up for a person searching for a moving company in your area. The majority of people are looking for a local company, such as a moving business. Local movers should be the first companies to show up on the search engine or else the users might use another website. Ideally, add multiple cities and communities to your moving-company pages in order to harness the most search-engine hits.

Offer Informational Blogs and Tips

Even though residential and business moves occur each day, moving company websites are something you only visit the day you need them, and then not again until you decide to move again. But, you can drive more traffic to your website through smart informational articles. Add regular blogs and tip sheets to your website that aren’t necessarily about moving- they might center around household maintenance or landscaping information. You want to keep people on your website by keeping them interested in similar, related information. When readers do need a moving company, they’ll automatically visit your site.

Lead Capture With Ease

If your moving company website looks like every other one on the search engine list, you’re not differentiating yourself from your competitors, which is a must if you want to generate more leads. Adding a moving dashboard to your website, such as the platform offered by MoveEasy, gives you a chance to dazzle your customers by providing the convenience of a one-stop shop. With one web page, users can schedule their move and find information about transferring utilities, packing and other important moving-related topics. Moving companies simply install the platform on their site, and the information is ready to be used. Lead capture becomes much easier with a unique dashboard that’s seen nowhere else.

Simplify the Pages

When a customer lands on your website, they want immediate simplicity. A complicated website will be instantly abandoned for a simpler choice. Improve your website by simplifying it by offering three or four pages with clickable tags at the top of the screen and adding a list along the left-hand side of the screen where quick links are easy to access. Your contact information page should also be as simple as possible with only about three sections to fill out. A contact page with a dozen pieces of information to fill out will be skipped by almost every customer.

Add Chatting Capabilities

Moving can be a stressful time for your customers, so give them a chance to converse with the experts. Add an instant-chat section to your website so that visitors can click on a link and be instantly connected to a knowledgeable person. Be sure to note your chat hours, however, so that users aren’t greeted by an empty screen. The internet age has trained people to expect results around the clock. Don’t leave anyone left out by not responding to questions or comments.

Ideally, your website should be reevaluated several times a year in order to integrate the latest customer-service tools. The online world is constantly changing, but you can stay on top of it so that your customers reap the benefits. In the end, you’ll have greater success than before as more moving customers gravitate toward your services. Check out our blog for more tips on how to improve your moving company!

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