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Inform Your Property Manager/Landlord About Move Date

It’s important to properly notify your current property manager about your move. How long of notice you give them is dependent of your lease. If you’re on a monthly-based lease, 30 days prior to moving out is the minimum amount of time you can let your landlord know. A yearly lease varies. It could be understood that you are moving out when your lease is up or perhaps you are breaking your lease or even getting someone to sublease. Be transparent with your landlord. Check the lease to see if it has the correct protocol for how to handle such situations.

Call property manager
First, call your property manager and let them know about your upcoming move. Now is the time to ask them if they have any special requirements for moving out. This may include certain times and dates or particular methods they expect from you.

Write it out
Even if your property manager says it isn’t necessary, still write or type out a letter to notify them of your move. Some property managers actually require a written statement in order to get your deposit back. A physical copy of your notice will eliminate confusion and be a reliable source in case of a legal dispute between your property manager and yourself.

Leave the place how you found it
You are expected to leave your building in the same condition you received it. This may require painting over walls you personally painted, cleaning and dusting the place, and moving out all of your belongings. Just because you no longer want an item of yours does not mean you can leave it behind in your building. Moving your left behind articles costs time and labor for the landlord.

Also make your landlord aware of any possible damages or things that need to be fixed. The landlord will more than likely not catch a clogged shower drain and needs to be notified before the next resident moves in.

Give them forwarding address
Give your property manager your new address so they can send your deposit or any future mail your way. Most managers send deposits back within 30 days.

The most important thing is to be out on time or you could receive a fee. Taking the proper to steps to inform your property manager and leave the place in quality condition will be a determinant on whether you will get your deposit back or not. With that said, property managers also receive personal records and can look up things like if you were evicted in the past, so it is very important to leave on good terms.

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