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How to Update Your License: Arizona

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Changing your address after a move can be a real pain. At MoveEasy we do our best to minimize the hassle of updating your license. You can update your license in Arizona by completing the following process:


The state of Arizona asks that you notify them within 10 days of an address change so that your license and vehicle records can be updated accordingly. You can do this one of three ways: online, by phone, or in-person at the office nearest you.

To complete by phone dial one of the following:

  • Phoenix: (602) 255-0072
  • Tucson: (520) 629-9808
  • Everywhere else: (800) 251-5866

Documents that show your updated information are not required by the state of Arizona, but should you want a new license to reflect your new address, then you will need to complete the steps for replacing a lost/stolen license.


The state of Arizona requires its newcomers to apply for an Arizona license and register vehicles immediately when residency has been established. The state of Arizona defines established residency as any one of the following situations:

  • Employment in Arizona
  • Registered to Vote in Arizona
  • A Child’s Attendance at an Arizona School
  • Your Business is Based and Operates in Arizona
  • Your Business Uses Vehicles as a Transport in Arizona For Goods and/or People
  • Living 7 months or Longer in Arizona Within a Calendar Year

Arizona DMVs provide the option to begin the process for a new license online, but you will need to complete the process in-person at the DMV nearest you. At the DMV office, after you’ve submitted the online form, in addition to completing the vision test you will need to provide the following:

  • Previous license
  • 2 proofs of identity through a government-approved document (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, etc.).
    • One must contain a valid photo.
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Fee

If you carry a license from a different state, then it will be at the discretion of the local DMV whether or not you will need to take the written and/or driving tests, though in all likelihood you will be exempt. However, there are no guarantees.

Upon completion of these tasks, a temporary license will be given to you to use until a permanent one is delivered by mail.

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