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How to Prepare for Your Move While Trying to Sell Your Home

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Preparing to move while trying to sell your home can be stressful. Between packing, signing documents and staging the home for showings, many homeowners feel overwhelmed throughout the selling process. Packing while maintaining a clean home at the same time are the two biggest challenges that homeowners face. These tips will help you juggle both priorities at once.  

Keep Boxes Out of Main Areas

Buyers respond best to homes that look spacious, clean and well-maintained. Rooms that are covered in boxes can seem cramped and dirty, which can make the whole home seem unappealing. Keeping boxes out of main areas of the house like the living room, garage, kitchen and bedrooms is important. You most certainly do not want to have boxes visible from the street—that’s a surefire way to kill your curb appeal. These tips will help:

  • Utilize a shed or neighbor’s shed. The backyard shed is unlikely to be the focus of attention when buyers first come to see your property, so the shed is a place a smart place to put boxes overnight. 
  • Rent a storage space. A storage space is another good place to store boxes where they won’t be seen by buyers. 
  • Put boxes in the garage. The garage and other in-house storage areas should be a last resort, because buyers often want to see these spaces and boxes can obscure the view.   

Get a Cleaning Person

If you don’t already have a cleaning person to clean your home regularly, now is the time to get one. Have a cleaning person come at least once every couple weeks, and more often if you’re showing your house frequently.

When the cleaning person comes for the first time, pay extra for a deep cleaning so that buyers will see the best of your home when they arrive. After the cleaning person has come once and performed a deep cleaning, lighter maintenance cleanings will help ensure that your home looks attractive when buyers come for subsequent showings. 

Rely More On Takeout

Cooking makes dishes, messes up your kitchen and takes valuable time out of your day. This can make it harder to keep the house clean for buyers and also gives you less time to pack. Start eating takeout at least a few nights per week, especially on nights when buyers come to see your home. 

You may get tired of your favorite takeout venues, so make an effort to broaden your horizons and get takeout from restaurants you rarely or never go to. Keep a range of takeout menus on hand so you’ll have a variety of options on nights when you decide to eat restaurant food.    

Keep Important Documents in One Safe Place

One of the biggest problems that people run into when trying to pack and sell at the same time is difficulty staying organized. Documents can easily get lost during the packing process. To prevent this from happening, pack your documents into one place and keep them all there. Do not separate your documents, or you may lose something important that you need later for your move. If your documents are kept in a box that does not look like it contains important documents, label it carefully to prevent other members of your family from packing it away. 

Work with a Real Estate Professional

Working with a capable real estate professional can help make the moving process simpler and more organized. If you’re just beginning the home selling process and haven’t yet found a real estate professional, contact one today to get started.  

Kris Lindahl is a trusted and leading realtor at RE/MAX, providing his expert real estate services to the current and future homeowners of the Minneapolis area. 

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