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How to Pick a Home Inspector

Before making a final decision on a home, it is wise to hire a home inspector to checkout any malfunctions or foundation cracks that may need to be repaired. These reports can be worked into a contract before finalizing a deal.

Wants you present
Reliable home inspectors want their clients to be present for inspections. If an inspector finds all of your questions irritating or does not want you near, that should be a red flag. They will do their best to be as informative as possible. Yes, inspections can be lengthy, but you can always take measurements while they are looking at the place.

Sample reports
Ask for a sample report. Believe it or not, inspectors have different layouts for their records and your contract may not coincide with their specific report. Be sure this is not an issue with your agent before choosing an inspector. All home inspectors should have a sample piece of their work.

If the paperwork does in fact match up, confirm that you find he or she’s work dependable. If you think the sample inspection report has holes, then maybe continue the search.

Member of organization
Most states require inspectors to be licensed. Although no one requires them to participate in an organization, it is seen as a benefit. Ask your potential examiner if they belong to any home inspection societies. Some examples include but are not limited to: NSHI, ASHI, NAHI

Past experience
More than likely, your home inspector has some prior experience when it comes to structure or building. It would actually be a bit strange if they didn’t. Don’t be afraid to ask about their work history. Knowing he or she’s past repair or construction experience could help you when deciding on an examiner.

Quality reviews
Lastly, research customer reviews. Although these don’t always tell the whole story, see what past clients have said about them. It’s a simple way to background check their work and better guarantee a positive experience.

When buying a new home it is vital you know all the complications that could come with it. A home inspector should be someone you depend on to give you honest reviews and a professional opinion for pricing so you don’t end up feeling scammed or worse, putting yourself and your family in harm.

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