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How to Pack Appliances

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When moving day is approaching, you’ll begin to pack up the remaining items in the kitchen. Small appliances including microwaves, toasters and coffeemakers need to be packed and cared for with special steps because they are critical components of your next kitchen, and you don’t want to unpack and find them in broken pieces. Take a little extra care and use these insider tips to ensure you pack these appliances like the professionals.

Clean the Appliances Out

Before you even start putting your appliances in a box, give each one a little extra attention- pull it out from the wall and clean it off in order to remove any food particles, liquid and other waste from the appliance. Wiping the appliances down on both the interior and exterior allows them to look brand new when they’re placed on your new countertop.

Wrap Them Individually

You’re going to be busy on moving day so make it a priority to pack your appliances about a week before. You will need enough time to wrap them individually because stacking or pressing the appliances together without any padding may extensively damage them. Although small appliances generally aren’t too expensive, you don’t want to have to replace them all, since the costs will add up. Use a generous amount of bubble wrap or newspaper to wrap each appliance and use packing tape to secure the padding during the move. This padding will reduce or prevent any breakage, scrapes or warping.

Pad the Box

After you’re done padding and wrapping each appliance, take it a step further and pad the box too by filling in the empty space between appliances. As a smart packing option, grab your bathroom towels and fold them into the box as a liner. Although you can also use newspaper, popcorn or other packing materials, towels are a better choice because they need to be packed and moved anyway, so you’ll save time and money by padding with towels. You’ll also have fewer boxes to unpack because of this padding strategy.

Check the Cords

As you pack up the appliances, use a rubber band to tie the cord in a neat bundle. You may want to tape it against the appliance where it won’t move out of place- loose cords during a move tend to scratch and damage the appliances’ glass surfaces. By tying up the cords, you are also ensuring that they will not tangle or get caught on anything else, which will make the unpacking process easier.

Considering Larger Appliances

When you want to move large appliances, such as washers and dryers or refrigerators, some of the same packing concepts apply. You may want to wrap the appliance in a layer of bubble wrap or with a tarp after cleaning the interior and exterior of the appliance. Another thing to consider when moving large appliances is that they must be kept upright at all times. Don’t plan on laying them down, because this orientation only warps the appliances’ shape and can cause permanent damage.

Although your movers can pack all your appliances for you, they will charge for the involved time and labor. Save some money and perform this task on your own before the big day- your appliances will be safe and ready to go when you move into your new home.

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