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How To Market Your Moving Company Visually

Written by MoveEasy

Brand recognition is key when it comes to consumers choosing your product over someone else’s—this is true for any type of business. Moving companies are prevalent in every area, and in order to distinguish your presence over another company, you need to develop a solid brand representation from a visual standpoint. There are many different factors that go in to this brand development that you should pay close attention to:

Logo and tagline

Once you have your company name, come up with the theme you are trying to portray about your company, and make a visually cohesive and eye-catching logo. Don’t get too fancy, anything with too much detail will leave the viewer overwhelmed, and instead of a well-made logo, it will come across as a picture. You want to create something simple enough that your consumer could describe it in a few short sentences, that way there can be a quick association of the visually pleasing logo and your company. When creating the logo, it is also helpful on the aesthetic side to choose a color palette that you can implement throughout all of your company’s material (and stick to it!).

The tagline of your business is the short phrase people should automatically think of when they hear your company’s name. It is basically a short jingle that you want to pop into everyone’s head automatically when your company name comes up in conversation. This phrase should be positive, and include your company’s mission and promise in a clever and memorable way. This could be through a rhyme or some type of play on words.


Once you have your logo and tagline, place them strategically and make it sharp. Like any brand, you want your company to have a cohesive look and feel. This can be achieved by making the small investment to match up all your products with this theme you have chosen.

Instead of sending your movers off to work in whatever they show up in that day, get some professional (yet comfortable) shirts made in your color scheme with your logo clearly and sizably printed on them. In addition, have your logo and tag line printed to scale on the side of your moving trucks so when they show up, the association is made and your brand is on display for anyone that happens to see what a fantastic job your movers are doing.

Web presence

This logo, tagline, and color palette should also be implemented on your website. You want previous and future clients to be able to come across your website and know exactly who you are, and the quality of work you do based on where they have seen you before. Web presence can easily translate to print if clients print the materials from your website. If you are well branded and your logo is stamped on all of your important materials, your various platforms will all have that direct association with your company, and there will be no confusion as to who you are or what kind of services you provide.

Over all, having a solid visual theme and consistency is very important. If you have many inconsistencies in your overall branding, people may get confused with what you provide or if your materials are from your company or someone else’s.

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