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How to Forward Your Child’s School Records

Moving with children? This may include relocating to a new school and forwarding important school records & information to ensure an easy transition. You will first need to determine if your child will be transferring to a school within your previous district limits, or if they will be attending school in a new district.

For your existing district: No work on your end should be necessary as long as the district has been notified of your child’s transfer.

For a new district: All districts are different, however they should all follow a similar process. You will first need to request a copy of your child’s records from their current school. This is often done via request form, or simply calling your school’s administration office.  After obtaining your child’s records and forwarding them, it is always a good idea to contact your new school to ensure they’ve received them. It is also recommended to keep a copy on file at home.

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