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How To Decorate Your Home For the Holidays On a Budget

Written by MoveEasy

It’s that time of year again – whether you celebrate some form of holiday or not, the undeniable urge to decorate has set in and you simply cannot avoid it. Halloween has come and gone and everywhere you go, something smells like gingerbread or is draped with twinkling lights. The hype is real, and your mantel place is crying out to be part of the action. However, when it comes down to it, do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on items that will only see the light of day for maybe one month out of the year? Yeah, didn’t think so.

So, we’ve done some digging and have compiled a list of easy ways to have fabulous decorations this holiday season, without breaking the bank. 

DIY is the name of the game

            DIY (Do It Yourself) items are not only fun and creative, but extremely low budget.  Making decorative items yourself takes away the tax and inflated prices of buying similar items from major retailers.

If you haven’t visited Pinterest yet, definitely look around ( There are tens of thousands of ways to make an inexpensive and fabulous masterpiece out of very simple items. Ever considered taking old milk jugs and making them into snowmen? Well, some other really creative person did, and they tell you exactly how to make one, step-by-step (amongst endless other crafts).

Use items you already have

If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner – don’t get rid of that bottle or the cork! Wine bottles make fantastic decoration pieces for counter-tops, tables and mantels. Soak them in warm water to get the label off, and fill them with white lights or even paint them to give them that extra home-made festive feel. The corks can be stacked and tied to create a fun and playful tree structure. Courtesy: Pintrest

The Dollar store is your friend

            Dollar Tree may just be your saving grace if you aren’t the crafty type. Wreaths, trees, bows, lights, socks, all for a dollar a piece? Almost unbelievable. And you can order them all online too? How perfect. Check out everything Dollar Tree has to offer before you start to throw cash at super fancy high-end overpriced decorations.

Take a walk around your back yard

Pine trees and pinecones are definitely nature’s festive gift to the holiday season. Cut a few small sprigs of pine tree branches, grab a hand full of pinecones, and put them in a decorative vase or large mason jar and voila- what a lovely festive table decoration you have!

Along with that, you can use any left-over pine cones and tie ribbon around them to hang from light fixtures, or add some glue and glitter and place them around your home for a rustic and organic decorative feel.

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