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How to Create a Moving Binder

Moving can sometimes be chaotic and trying to stay organized can seem nearly impossible. We suggest creating a moving binder to keep all of your paperwork, contact information, and schedule in one convenient place. Make copies or take pictures on your phone of documents that are especially important so they’re not only in your binder but on hand at all times.


  • A binder, obviously
  • Binder tabs
  • Notepad that fits in the binder
  • Printed calendar pages for the months leading up to your move

Schedule accordingly
Place your calendar pages in the front of your binder so you can check your schedule with ease. Keep it updated with any moving appointments or goals like “have garage packed by”. Color-code your schedule if that helps.

Also keep a notepad in the front pocket of your binder. Use this notepad to quickly jot down any contacts or something you remembered to do last minute.

Contact list
Moving means communicating with a network of people. Have a contact list on hand of all the numbers you will need during your move. The obvious ones are your real estate agent and moving company. Consider other contacts you will need during your move. Perhaps you need to keep your landlord updated, call the carpet cleaners and let your neighbors know when moving trucks will be parked on the street.

This may seem pointless since we do in fact have phones for this. Chances are you’re going to have an entire list of unfamiliar numbers in your most recent calls and won’t be able to remember later whose number is whose. It’s much easier to keep them on file in the binder.

Movers Paperwork
Any documents that you need for the moving company keep under this tab. This could be a copy of already signed documents or moving information you are schedule to give them.

Keep your new contract on file. If you are selling your home and have a contract for that as well, keep them separate.

Lastly, have measurements or blueprints of your new home in the final tab of your binder. This way you wont have to keep returning to your new home or calling your agent for the 10th time trying to remember if your couch will fit in the new living room.

Your binder should fit your needs and style of organization. If you need to adapt our categories, feel free to do so. We hope this is a helpful guide to ease and better organize your move!

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