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How To Compete with Other Moving Companies

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Being able to compete with and acquire customers from other moving companies means you have to prove to potential customers why your services are better than others. Doing this requires a level of competition and thoughtfulness that can be easily achieved through planning and brainstorming.

Be price competitive

This doesn’t necessarily mean to be drastically less expensive than every other competitor – but come close. If you are similarly priced, but a small margin less expensive, that is going to catch the eye of people searching for the best deal (which is pretty much everyone). Figure out what exactly you can price to stay profitable, and try to stick as close to that number as you can. If you are drastically more expensive than competitors, make sure you are offering the absolute best services possible and be prepared to prove it.

Provide recommendations and references

The best way to prove to potential customers that you have incredible services at a top-notch price is by having actual proof. Have testimonies available on your website from previous happy customers, and direct potential customers to their stories so they can find out for themselves just how reliable you are.

Getting these great recommendations will be a piece of cake if your business actually is as good as you think it is. People will be more than willing to write a good review if they have had a positive experience with you.

Update and maintain your materials

Quality sells just as much as any other facet of your business. If you show up in an old looking truck with flimsy packing materials and outdated technological systems, people won’t exactly be lining up to use your service. Update your materials as often as necessary, and don’t get be afraid to go the extra mile. You definitely don’t need to go all-out with all the extra bells and whistles, but a cool paint job on your truck, or an interesting interactive graphic on your website/app, could leave you looking a little more up-to-date than the competition. The investment will pay off because you will be more likely to take in new business.

Get creative

Offer something that no other moving company offers. This may sound open-ended, and that’s because it is. Get creative – this could be something as simple as a housewarming basket that you leave behind after moving them in, or as complex as some type of “refer a friend” discount for future customers. Either way, regardless of what you choose, you need to find something clever that sets you apart from your competitors and allows you stand out.

It’s important to always be mindful of what your competitors are up to, and how you are sizing up what they offer. Keep checking back to our blog to stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry, and find ways to implement them into all aspects of your business.

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