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How to Change Your Driver’s License Through MoveEasy

This is the beginning of a blog series to help you update your license no matter which state you live in or are planning to move. Because we live in a country that refuses to use the metric system, we obviously have to make changing your license just as complicated. Every state has a different method when it comes to changing or updating your driver’s license. It varies through accessibility, documentation, and timelines. This is the basis of updating your license through MoveEasy’s website.

When you are logged into your MoveEasy client portal, you will see a tab listed as “Update Driver’s License”. Once it is clicked, there will be a header at the top titled “Important Information”. This will include things like: cost, deadline and documents required. The information is based on the new and old address you previously submitted for your move.

If you are moving out-of-state, chances are there could be a few more provisions listed. There will also be links available to connect you to the closest DMV, State’s Driver’s Handbook, and Vehicle Registration.

Underneath this section, you will see the different type of methods you can go about changing your information, whether it is via online, mail, or person.

Do not stress when it comes to updating your driver’s license. MoveEasy is here to guarantee the smoothest move possible and ease any concerns you may have. Make sure to follow up on our weekly posts about how to change or update your license within a specific state!

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